Tasty and Delicious Food

Food Allergies

Cereals Containing Gluten

Wheat, rye, barley and oats are often found in foods containing flour, some baking powder, batter, breadcrumbs, cakes, couscous, meat products, pasta, pastry, sauces, soups and some fried food.


Crabs, lobster, prawns and scampi are crustaceans. Shrimp paste is an allergen in this category that is commonly used in Thai and South-east Asian cooking.


Eggs are found in cakes, some meat products, mayonnaise, mousses, pasta, quiche, sauces and pastries. Some food products are glazed with eggs during cooking.


You may find fish sauces in pizzas, relishes, salad dressings, stock cubes and Worcestershire sauce.


Peanuts are often used as an ingredient in biscuits, cakes, curries, desserts, sauces, groundnut oil and peanut flour.


Found sometimes in bean curd, edamame beans, miso pates, textured soya protein, soya flour or tofu, soya is a staple ingredient in oriental food. It can be found in desserts, ice cream, meat products, sauces and vegetarian products.


Milk is found in dairy products such as butter, cheese, cream, milk powders and yoghurt. Some foods are also glazed with milk during cooking. It’s also commonly found in powdered soups and sauces.


Nuts (excluding Peanuts) refers to nuts that are grown on trees; unlike peanuts, which are grown underground. This includes cashew nuts, almonds and hazelnuts.


This includes the celery stalks, leaves, seeds and the root. Usually found in celery salt, salads, some meat products, soups and stock cubes.


This includes Mustard in the form of powder, liquid and seeds. This ingredient is used in breads, curries, marinades, meat products, salad dressings, sauces and soups.


These are found commonly in bread, usually sprinkled on buns such as hamburger buns, bread sticks, houmous, sesame oil and tahini.

Sulphur Dioxide (Sulphites)

This is an ingredient often used in dried fruits and in some meat products, soft drinks, vegetables, wine and beer. Asthmatics have a higher risk of developing an allergy to sulphites.


Lupin is a flower, but it is also sometimes found in flour and is sometimes used in bread, pastries and pasta.